Thursday, April 28, 2011

Skyscrapers Around The World

One of the interests shared by all of the children is their love of skyscrapers. It was one of the main reasons that we started our architecture project. Last week a few of the children decided that they wanted to stand on chairs and draw skyscrapers on an old dry erase board that was being used to display work. I told them that this idea would be fine but they needed to do three things.

1. Use the architecture books and the Internet to find pictures of skyscrapers that they found interesting.
2. Get a clipboard and pencil and draw a sketch of the skyscraper that they were going to draw.
3. Allow me to help them find information on the skyscrapers they picked, we must know the name of the building, height, and where it is located.

Needless to say the children had no problem with these demands and beautifully crafted a mural of skyscrapers that show the different architectural styles used around the world. It was not surprising that the skyscrapers chosen are some of the most well known and visual pleasing structures in the world. And most important to the kids the biggest! -Mr. Nick

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