Sunday, March 20, 2011

Architecture Project #4

We took the children out into their own environment or community to see the different types of architecture. As a group we walked along Gladstone Blvd in KCMO just a short distance from our school. Before our walk the children were shown examples of stone, brick, and wood, so that they could be able to identify what material was used to make the houses.The highlight of the trip was the Kansas City Museum. As the children represented the building through drawings they also discussed the different features of the building. Excerpt: Daily Journal 3/14

Llevamos a los niños hacia su propio entorno o de la comunidad para ver los diferentes tipos de arquitectura. Como un grupo que caminaba a lo largo de Gladstone en Blvd. KCMO a poca distancia de la escuela. Antes de la caminata de los niños se mostraron ejemplos de piedra, ladrillo y madera, para que puedan ser capaces de identificar qué material se utilizó para hacer el punto culminante houses.The del viaje fue el Museo de la Ciudad de Kansas. Como los niños representaron el edificio a través de dibujos que también discutió las diferentes características del edificio. Extracto: Daily Journal 03.14

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  1. Very cool! That's five blocks from my house; if I had known you all were going out that way I'd have walked over!!! Fantastic job!