Friday, September 11, 2009

Book Buddies OHH YEAH!!!

Today during circle I told the children that today was book buddy day and I heard some "Ohh Yeah's." Every two weeks we meet up with Mr. Padilla's 4th grade classroom for book buddies. The 4th graders read a favorite book to the pre-k children. The pre-k kids were so excited this morning when I told them that we were going to see our book buddies. The 4th graders are extremely helpful and caring to the pre-k children. I love to see the older children model the appropriate behaviors that I teach the pre-k children. Parents over the weekend ask your child about their book buddy. Ask them to tell you their book buddies name, what they look like, what they read, etc..


  1. How wonderful! Elaina really loves her book buddy. She can't seem to remember their name but she tells me that they're nice. Maybe she'll remember their name to tell me today! Elaina loves to read books at home. It's the first thing she does when she walks in the door when she gets home from school.

  2. I really enjoy seeing all the amazing things you are doing with your students. Keep up the great work.